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CT, female, aged 64
"I first met Peter 3 months ago after hearing about him and his complimentary therapy from my daughter-in -law. I was asked to "give it a go" to see if the therapy would help me manage the constant pain I was having in my hands, wrists and shoulders from the arthritis I suffer from, and to cope with the stress of losing my husband less than a year ago. I remained fully dressed throughout. I must admit to feeling a bit apprehensive at first, but this soon faded after the first unbroken night's sleep I had had for many months! The pain remained, but it was not as severe as it had been and I could bend my wrists more easily the following day, so I decided to book further sessions, first of all at weekly intervals, then fortnightly, and find there has been a marked improvement in my dexterity, mood and pain management. My GP told me that he noticed my more positive mood and flexibility in my wrists and hands, and had not seen me look so well in months! I am not saying the therapy is a "miracle cure" and it may not work for everyone but it is certainly working for me. Bless you Peter - you and your therapy have meant that, although I still have pain, it is now manageable with half the dose of painkillers, and has really impressed my GP! Give Peter's "therapy and skill a go" - you never know - it could help you as it has me. "

VA, female, aged 47
"First of all thank you.  Basically, my eyes have felt so much better, all ongoing symptoms calmed down, it was like I didnt have a problem any longer.  Only just last night did I perceive some conjunctivitis symptoms start to manifest a bit but overall nowhere near as it's been in the recent past.  I felt very healed as I walked out from your space and that continued for a long time -  very relaxed, nourished and chilled.  So thank you! It also felt very complete"

SC, female, aged 54
"It was the best Reflexology treatment I ever had"

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