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What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is a powerful, relaxing therapy which has been shown to have a very positive effect on health and well-being.  The treatment uses gentle pressure to massage specific areas (reflexes) of your feet, corresponding to different parts of the body. The
Reflexology system works with 'energy zones' which act longitudinally through the body ending in the feet and hands. Applying pressure to the reflex areas helps to correct the energy flow within the zone, releasing energy blocks, restoring balance and enabling the whole body to heal. Reflexology assists the body to put itself right.

What is Reflexology helpful for?
Reflexology is ideal for assisting in the treatment of many conditions and disorders. It aids the release of stress, promoting a deep sense of relaxation. Reflexology treatments assist the body in coming into better balance.  Reflexology has been found to be helpful with a range of different problems and illnesses including:

  • emotional blockages or imbalance

  • stress-related problems and depression

  • headaches and pain.

  • sleep disruption

  • hormonal imbalance

  • digestive complaints

  • post-operative recovery

  • general wellbeing

What to expect during your treatment.
Reflexology sessions take place fully clothed, except for your feet, whilst you are lying on a couch. The length of your treatment will normally be 1 hour including any progress reviews. Your Initial session will include a consultation to gather information about your health and goals for the treatment. Your feet are then examined to give an indication of your general health and then massaged for you to get used to your feet being touched.  I will then apply thumb pressure to massage the reflex areas on both feet. The amount of pressure applied will depend on your sensitivity.
Will it tickle? – many clients have expressed concerns about ticklish feet. Since firm, definate massage movements are used, this has never been an issue.  One client told me that she had never allowed anyone to touch her feet before.

You may experience various sensations in your feet as the specific reflexes are worked on. Some may appear sharp, some a duller pain and in others just the sensation of firm pressure will be felt.  These indicate which parts of the body are out of balance and which are not. Sensitivity of the feet will differ for each person and your sensitivity may increase after the 2nd or 3rd treatment as the energy flow to your feet improves.
Some areas may have gritty deposits which will represent an inbalance. Massaging these areas will help to break them down.

The feet should feel comfortable after. You may feel warmth, tingling or a deep sense of relaxation.

Sometimes profound benefits are experienced after only a few sessions.  For most conditions a course of treatments will be required and would generally consist of a minimum of 3 but a longer course of treatments may be beneficial for more established problems. Reflexology sessions can also be used on a regular basis to help maintain good health. .

After your treatment.
It is advisable to rest, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine or alcohol after your treatment to help your body rid itself of unwanted toxins. In addition to feelings of relaxation and being uplifted, occasionally some people may experience the need to sleep or rest, have increased urination and bowel function, experience a headache, feel emotional, or have temporary 'flu'like symptoms. These are all positive signs of your body bringing itself back into balance. It is also completely normal not to experience any of the above.

Peter can incorporate Reflexology into his
Applied Energy Flow treatments.

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