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Honey Healing Method

What is The Honey Healing Method?
The Honey Healing Method is a revolutionary new treatment targeting emotional blockages in the human energy field. It enables you to release blocks from your energy at a deep level without the need to remember or talk about your experiences. It can allow you to let go of the past and move on with your life, make powerful changes and transform your life.

Small or large incidents of emotional stress can cause restrictions and blockages in the energy lines of the body. This can lead to problems with your health and well-being affecting all areas of your life. These events can be as insignificant as losing a toy as a child or a more major trauma.  The blocks can grow as other stresses in your life resonate with these incidents. The Honey Healing Method can help you release these blocks. You will still have all of your memories but they will be cleaned of the bad feelings or pain.

5 things about HHM
  • You are in charge

  • No need to talk about anything

  • You are trusting the power of your own body about what is good to let go of

  • No need to know what is causing your problems

  • Massive results with only one session

What is The Honey Healing Method helpful for?
If you are feeling ‘stuck’ and don’t know why; are lacking joy and freedom in your life; have tried everything else but have no relief from pain or illness; have experienced a trauma; and feel ready to make a change, then The Honey Healing Method may be for you.  You don't even need to know the the exact cause of you difficulties.  It can free you from distress and unwanted behaviour patterns.

What to expect during your treatment.
The length of your treatment will normally be between 1½ and 2 hours. This will include a 30 minute Applied Energy Flow treatment to relax you. During the Honey Method session you lay down on a couch holding my hand. I will then reduce these blocks or events to pure energy enabling you to feel them in your chest, which may be experienced as emotions or pressure. You then decide if you want to keep each one or get rid of it, once and for all. You choose the speed, the amount and even what you want to get rid of, all by deciding if the feeling in your chest is good or bad for you. Only you can decide if the feeling is good or bad for you and are ready to release it or not. I am there to support you and there is no need to share any of your specific experiences if you do not wish to.

After your treatment.
Each session is complete. You may continue with occasional further sessions, if required, to meet long-term goals, although you will need time between sessions to process and become comfortable with the changes. People who have experienced HHM comment that having let go of emotional blocks they respond differently to familiar people and situations.

The Honey Healing Method is not usually offered as a first session or a one-off treatment. Honey Method sessions usually form part of an overall treatment plan to enable you to decide when you are ready for HHM. At least one Applied Energy Flow session is required before and after a Honey Method session to enable you to fully prepare and adjust to the changes. This will enable you to get the most benefit from this unique and powerful therapy.

From the creator, J. E. Honey
So many of us suffer from feelings of inadequacy and often these feelings, that seem to have no basis, haunt us throughout our lives. Some major illnesses have contributed to blockages in our energy lines and minute incidents can be the start of these restrictions. These incidents can be as insignificant as losing a toy when a baby, getting lost or a friend moving away. They are hardly noticeable but as time goes by the blockages caused can collect others that resonate with them and grow. Eventually the energy lines become less effective as the blocks get bigger causing other reactions in the body or mind!
There are many therapies that try to help these symptoms, far too many to be named here, simply to say that they all can help to some extent. Just talking about these experiences can help to release them but some are too complicated, too deep or have been forgotten.
So wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to be able to release these blocks without having to find and talk about each and every incident. A way that would mean that after the session you would still have all of your memories but they would be cleaned of bad feelings or pain!
Some way where you can lie down and, just by holding someone’s hand, they could help you to release the feelings, not by talking, just by feeling and deciding if you want to keep this feeling or to get rid it for once and for all. A way where you can stop the proceedings at any time and you chose the speed, the amount and even what you want to get rid of and all just by you deciding if the feeling in your chest is good or bad for you.
I wished there was something just like this and now there is: The Honey Method
Thank you for your time.

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