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Reiki is not a Japanese Vibration.

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"Reiki is a natural, healing vibration for humans, and so holds no cultural identity or passport...Master Usui gave us a name for the vibration and a formalized system designed to help others use and establish value for the vibration. Giving the vibration a cultural identity was not an intention of Master Usui, it is simply a consequence of his personal country of origin."
– Chyna Honey, Understanding Reiki: From Self-care to Energy Medicine
Many people are looking to delve more deeply into Reiki by understanding the history and cultural identity of Master Usui. This is a little like understanding water more fully by studying the personal history of the person who first identified the human need and benefit of being hydrated. Reiki is a natural vibration that is found all over the planet, with no place of origin or area most suited to its practice. The best way to understand and benefit from Reiki is to use the vibration on a daily basis and allow yourself to feel the changes you are experiencing. By not getting caught up in the details of history or culture, Reiki can be experienced in its purest form. This approach brings the opportunities for health and learning that Master Usui hoped for and was pointing to, rather than stopping with the man himself.
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