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Applied Energy Flow

What is Applied Energy Flow Healing?
Applied Energy Flow (AEF) is a results-focused healing system which has been found to be effective with a range of physical and emotional difficulties. It works by applying Reiki and other natural energy vibrations and natural healing techniques to the natural flow of energy within the body, working with your natural drive for balance and health.  AEF helps you ease symptoms, support emotional release and aid recovery from illness.  AEF helps you achieve your goals with the power of your own body, mind and energy, and can help you take charge of your own health and well-being.

What is Applied Energy Flow helpful for?
Applied Energy Flow
is ideal for assisting in the treatment of many conditions and disorders which may cause problems emotionally, physically or within any aspect of the energy system.

Clients have sought help from Applied Energy Flow for:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, worry and depression

  • Relief from arthritis and pain

  • Migraines, headaches, high blood pressure and hormonal imbalances

  • Improving sleep difficulties and digestive complaints

  • Coping with grief and other emotional issues

  • Easing recovery from illness or operations

  • Lethargy or low energy

  • Weakened immune system

  • Fertility, pregnancy and post-natal problems

  • Improving general wellbeing and for personal development

  • Rebalancing and boosting energy

What to expect during a treatment.
Applied Energy Flow sessions take place fully clothed whilst you are lying on a couch or seated in a comfortable position. T
he length of your treatment will normally be 1 hour including any progress reviews. Your Initial session will include a consultation to gather information about your health and goals for the treatment. The practitioner places their hands gently on or just above your body in various positions, gently working with you using Reiki and other natural healing energies to remove blockages and rebalance you.  The treatment may involve breath work, visualization, gentle manipulation, stretches and acupressure work. Every treatment is different, some quiet and relaxing whilst others more interactive. You may experience feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling, pressure or a sense of movement within the body. You may feel emotional.  This is all part of the release as your body brings itself into balance.  Some people simply feel a deep sense of relaxation.

Benefit is often experienced after only a few sessions.
For most conditions a course of treatments will be required and would generally consist of a minimum of 3 but a longer course of treatments may be required for more established problems. It is recommended to consider planning 2-4 sessions initially to help you decide whether Applied Energy Flow is helpful for you.

After your treatment.
It is advisable to rest, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine or alcohol after your treatment to help your body rid itself of unwanted toxins. In addition to feelings of relaxation and being uplifted, occasionally some people may experience the need to sleep or rest, have increased urination and bowel function, experience a headache, feel emotional, or have temporary 'flu'like symptoms. These are all positive signs of your body bringing itself back into balance. It is also completely normal not to experience any of the above.

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