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About Me

Peter Fricker is an Applied Energy Flow Practitioner and one of a very few practitioners worldwide of The Honey Healing Method. He is a Reflexologist, a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Peter brings two decades of experience working with complementary therapies to his healing practice.  He Initially became interested in meditation and spiritual healing and worked with a range of teachers before training in the use of therapeutic massage and Reflexology.  Peter worked in therapy areas at a variety of festivals and it was in this environment that he discovered how much he loved working with people and energy.

Since becoming attuned to Reiki, Peter continues to develop his skills in a range of energy healing methods.

Peter combines his unique skills and experience to bring the best to each treatment and to provide a respectful, confidential and comfortable environment. Previous clients have particularly commented on his naturally caring and compassionate manner.

Peter believes that there can never be a guarantee that any particular treatment will resolve every problem. What Peter does guarantee is that he will bring the best of his attention, support and skill to every session.

Qualifications and Training
The Honey Healing Method

J. E. Honey: Reiki Master/Teacher, Creator of Emotional Realignment Therapy & Honey Healing Method

Usui Reiki: Master Teacher Level
Dr Karen Janes: Reiki Master/Teacher & Natural Energy Healing Practitioner, UK

Usui Reiki: Practitioner Level II

Angela Hamby: Reiki Master/Teacher & Applied Energy Flow Practitioner, UK

Usui Reiki: Level I Training Course
Dr Karen Janes: Reiki Master/Teacher & Natural Energy Healing Practitioner, UK

Diploma in Reflexology IHHT
Pontypridd College, South Wales

Aromatherapy, NVQ Level III
Pontypridd College, South Wales

Massage Therapy, NVQ Level III
Pontypridd College, South Wales

Introduction to Counselling Skills
Pontypridd College, South Wales

Healing Skills Course
Jack & Jan Angelo: NFSH National Trainers, UK
Pontypridd College, South Wales

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